Drama Club


Drama Club 2018-2019

This year our Drama club will have 2 main focuses. Improv and learning how to put on a small scale show.

For the first part of the year we will focus on Improv.  Improv is a very important stage skill for all actors and actresses to learn.  It is learning to produce something from nothing onstage.  It helps to build imagination, to learn how to interact with others on stage, helps with listening skills and learning how to react to any situation on the stage.  Plus its a ton of fun!  The games we will play will help everyone really get to know each other and work better in a group for our spring show.  Our first performance will be a Mid December Holiday Improv show.  Stay tuned for dates.

After the new year we will shift our focus to learning what it take to put on a show.  We will choose a play as a group and go through all aspects of making it a production. We will go through auditions, castings, stage step up, costumes etc.  All coming together for a final performance in May or early June.

Drama Club is open to all Caroline County Homeschoolers of all ages.  With 2 pre-requisites.  We ask that anyone that joins the club can read pretty well.  We will be doing a lot of reading out loud.  Secondly  if your child is planning on joining, that they try and commit to making all of the meetings. Life happens, but there is no way we can put on an actual play if some of the characters only show up once and a while to rehearse.

If your interested in joining, or would like some more information please contact us below.  We are looking forward to having a great Drama Club this year!!



Parent’s Night

We could all use a little break sometimes.


Join the other members of Caroline Area Homeschoolers for a kid-free parent night.  Times and locations will vary, but one thing will remain the same:  you’ll be able to spend some quality time with other homeschooling parents who live near you and face the same stresses and challenges you do day after day.

Sound good?

The next Parent Nights are scheduled for:


May 24, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Join us for a sit down meal at a local eatery.  RSVP for more info!


*Membership in Caroline Area Homeschoolers VA begins with attendance at one of our public events.  After you decide to join us, there is a $10 yearly fee.  Attendance at one public event per year is required to retain membership.  We’d love to see you! *

Park Days

Park Days Occur in the warmer months every Friday from 1-3 p.m.

Park Days for May/June 2019:

May 3
Caroline Rec Park
19127 County Park Drive
Milford, VA 22514
May 10
Caroline YMCA
Ruther Glen
May 17
Bowling Green Town Hall
117 Butler St
Bowling Green, VA 22427
May 24
Caroline Pines Neighborhood
26036 Shannon Mill Dr
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
May 31
Caroline Rec Park
19127 County Park Drive
Milford, VA 22514
June 7
Caroline YMCA
Ruther Glen
June 14
Bowling Green Town Gall
117 Butler St
Bowling Green, VA 22427
June 21
Caroline Rec Park
19127 County Park Drive
Milford, VA 22514
June 28
Caroline Pines Neighborhood
26036 Shannon Mill Dr
Ruther Glen, VA 22546

Caroline Area Homeschoolers, Caroline County, Virginia




Below, you will find some useful resources for your homeschooling journey in Virginia.


The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers) is an independent, non-profit, member-driven, statewide organization committed to providing homeschooling support to our members, as well as accurate information about homeschooling to Virginia’s families, school divisions, legislators and policymakers, the media, and the community at large. VaHomeschoolers is an inclusive organization and is neutral in matters of politics and religion.


Home Educators Association of Virginia

Home Educators Association of Virginia is a member-supported, statewide, 501(c)3 non-profit homeschool association. Since 1983, HEAV has successfully worked to promote and protect home education in Virginia by working with the Department of Education and legislators, having a presence during the General Assembly sessions, and providing up-to-date information to homeschooling families, the media, and officials. HEAV, coming from a biblical worldview, serves all homeschoolers—regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs. Membership is, and always has been, open to all.


Homeschooling and Online Education

A government run website with a plethora of relevant information for the Virginia homeschooler.


Caroline Public Libraries

A network of libraries are located throughout the county, offering books for sale or to rent, movies, computer and internet use, classes for adults and children, story times, and many other no-cost services invaluable to the homeschooling family.


Rappahannock Area YMCA

The YMCAs for our area offer a variety of classes and programs geared towards homeschoolers.


Caroline County Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Rec department of Caroline County has easy online signup for its sports, classes and clubs.


Virginia State Parks

The website of the state park system with updated information about locations, programs, events, and activities at any of the 37 parks listed on the site.


Lake Anna Nuclear Power Station Visitor Center

This free, hands-on, interactive visitor center is a unique educational experience.  Located on the grounds of the North Anna Nuclear Power Station, visitors learn about the science and technology used to generate power.


K12 Online School

This online school is available in some areas as an alternative to public schooling


Khan Academy

These series of online courses began as a YouTube project and evolved into a site where entire families can keep track of their progress through any of the available lessons.  Best of all, it’s FREE.


Athenian Academy

A resource for homeschooling parents looking for classroom instruction options for their children.


Skyzone Fredericksburg

An indoor trampoline park offering homeschool hours and pricing (during specific times.)


All-Amercian Gymnastics Ashland

A local gymnastics business offering homeschool hours and pricing (during specific times.)


Ashland Skateland

An indoor skating rink with homeschool hours and pricing (during specific times) as well as hours dedicated to family time.


Have anything to add?  Fill out the form below.





Tacos and Talent

Come join us for a yearly Talent/Art Show and taco dinner!

Before summer begins, Tacos and Talent serves as a forum for children to perform, set up a display with their work, and share dinner as a community.  In past years, participants have performed skits, sang, danced, played an instrument, created slide shows, read poetry, showcased their artwork, displayed Lego builds, shared collections, and displayed crafts!

 Join in by joining Caroline Area Homeschoolers VA…come to a public event and sign up!

Capture the Flag Club

Capture the Flag Club is a newer offering to our homeschool students age 8 and up.  Younger children may participate with a parent or play together at the wooded private property…there’s room enough for everyone to enjoy themselves.


The next game is TBD in March 2019.  RSVP a week in advance!


Games take place once a month during the week.  All participants are given a flag belt and team flag.  Once the flag is hidden, two teams work together to try and capture the flag!

Join in by joining Caroline Area Homeschoolers VA…come to a public event and sign up!